Welcome to my Hetalia Fanmade Wiki! If you're wondering why this website is created, it's because the Fandom is not that great. When you go to Hetalia Fan Characters Wiki, rude people would go around and edit/troll without anyone's consent and ruin their OC's biology. Even just a little, it worries me what exactly has been edit. Grammar mistakes? Font changes? Adding fake information such as putting "Boku no Pico" in the category, struggling a way to delete it (If you don't know how to delete a category, go to Classic Editor and you should be able to find it on your right). Boku no Pico is an explicit sex anime of characters having heterosexual/homosexual sex. I had an idea and made a complete copy of all three of my Hetalia OCs I created on that website to here in case so I won't EVER lose my hard work of creating bios again!

I though up of a page site of possible questions from myself (but not too many!) of my OCs. Go check out here! Ask a question!

If your wondering again, I'm usually active on the computer all the time, even at school during lunch, I can use the computer to check around before the bell. I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm a girl and I'm a Hetalia lover and an artist! Unfortunately, I only use MS Paint. I recently now have Medibang Paint Pro. I mean it, it's free! NO FREE TRIALS! I GUARANTEE THAT! Of course, I need to practice and get use to it so it'll may take forever to post my first art from Medibang Paint. I'd rather have Paint Tool Sai, but it has a 30-day trial, and it costs money. So I'm stuck, hoping to improve my digital and real life sketch skills!

By the way, ignore the title I accidentally made! I wasn't sure how it works.

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